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  • Do You Know How To Do A Bad Breath Self-Test?

    Many people believe that it is impossible. But for some people, it is entirely possible to self-test for halitosis.

    Asking a friend or someone else to check your breath can be downright embarrassing, this is a condition, if you have it, that you don’t want to broadcast. And knowing the answer to the question can help you out of an embarrassing social or business situation. You can take measures to combat your halitosis if you know that you have it.


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    Here are four ways to do a bad breath self-test all by yourself without the help of a third party.Lick your wrist (it is a good idea to clean your wrist if you can without a scented soap before you do this), wait a few seconds for the saliva to dry and smell the spot that you licked.


    What does it smell like?

    This method works quite well unless your wrist is not clean or was cleaned with a scented soap. In opposite of a hand mirror, twig your tongue out and see if there is a pale white film on the back of your tongue. You can also scrape some of the whitish films onto a spoon and see if it has an odor.


    Give the scrapping a few seconds to dry. This can also work with a cotton swab. A similar method but one that I haven’t had as good of luck with is using a toothpick or floss to get scrapping of your teeth and to see if that has any odor. In most people mouth odor comes from bacterial waste on the tongue or in the mouth, so this may not work as well. I have seen home testing kits for testing mouth odor in some drug stores but I don’t think they are easily found. If you find one of these, it might be a good investment in your fight against bad breath.

    There is a connection between the mouth cavity and the nasal passages, so sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether you breath is bad.


    Our sense of smell can get used to many different types of odors including our own making it harder to test bad breath.The best solution for bad breath is really good oral care, brush and floss your teeth regularly. Halitosis can be caused by serious dental or medical conditions, and you should consult with your dentist about continuing bad breath problems.